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Testimonials Imelda Dulcich

Imelda's work for me in social media and public relations allows me to do my daily work without the distraction of distributing all my news. She uses her skills and contacts to get my information to the right audiences"
- Brenda Nunes, Nunes Group, Managing Broker, Certified International Property Specialist

When thinking of a connected Seattleite, who knows how to network, Imelda Dulcich is top-notch! She is unlike anyone I have ever met. Warm personality, big smile, intuitive and welcoming all wrapped into one. Imelda brings online conversations to life, managing to bridge the gap between a digital hello and a handshake. If you’re looking to grow your personal network, small business or organization, I couldn’t think of anyone better than Imelda. Her passion for connecting communities is invaluable.
 - Crystal Southcote. Public Relations Four Seasons Hotel Seattle

I worked with Imelda on a project where I had the pleasure of seeing her skills and accomplishments in detail. That, in itself, was impressive. I then saw first-hand how adept she is at connecting and I was inspired. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so able to engage others – and in so genuine way. She’s a rare kind of networker. 
- Kate Houston, Certified Online Marketing Professional, Content and Copywriter

I highly recommend Imelda. She was instrumental in the success of our Zerolandfill Seattle event. We were late getting her on board, but within 4 weeks she increased our public visibility through her knowledge and use of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. We had an 81% Increase in Facebook Likes, with 12,692 people reached and articles printed in local news media. Imelda's efforts resulted in 630 people attending our first-time event! She provided weekly updates, insightful tips, and ideas and made herself available to post and update during our event. We benefited greatly from her knowledge and expertise,
- Kirsten Solly, WILSONART - Architecture & Planning Specification

Role: Chamber Executive Director, Consultant and Public Relations. "Imelda Dulcich has single-handedly raised the profile of the local chamber, providing valuable social media promotion for its businesses and serving as a friendly community connector.


Dulcich’s ability to recruit top-notch speakers made the chamber luncheons must-attend events. Because of her, the Newcastle business community got to hear from the likes of U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, King County Sheriff John Urquhart, and King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg.


One of Dulcich’s greatest undertakings was the transformation of the Diamond Awards into a lavish evening affair. She made the community awards feel special again, and we hope that continues."

- Newcastle News, Issaquah Press.

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